Hello Lovely people, how are your weekends going? I've been listening to a loot of disco recently, mainly the Neo Disco playlist on Spotify, it's a great walking to or from anywhere and just generally feel good. The title is from Baby I'm Yours by Breakbot and it's seriously a great tuune. It doesn't really go with the outfit but I don't suppose that matters.
My aim for this autumn/winter is to get to grips with lighting and I think these photos are a step in the right direction (though i definitely still need  to get used to using my polarising filters too). I saw this spot when I was out taking these outfit photo and thought how the light fit it and how autumnal it looked with all the leaves and when i wore this outfit I was like "yeah let's do this!". As usual, the photos didn't turn out quite how I'd planned but I like them anyhow.

Coat and shoes - Primark// Jumper - Topshop// Dungarees - Vintage// 
I'm actually starting to get ill which is rather annoying, hopefully I'll be able to go out and take pictures tomorrow because then I can keep up with the whole posts every 3 days thing (which I am rather impressed I'm keeping up with). At least I have Christmas to eat loads and loads of food and sleep and recover though. I finished my Christmas shopping today which I am very happy about and now I can just relax on that front. Though I still have lots I want to do over Christmas,I never seem to stop; though I can't complain because I'm happiest when I'm busy.
I never know what to burble about on blog posts so I'm just gonna stop now and hope you have a good weekend, I'll be posting again on Tuesday and it'll be a photoshop tutorial on how to make photos like the last on I have in this post (exciting stuff). It's up at 8pm GMT so if you're interested check that out!
Thanks for reading