Yes this is an incredibly soppy post, but I think it needs to be done. Honestly, 2014 has been the happiest year of my life and I feel I've grown as a person more than I could ever have imagined. So this is just a little thank you to 2014 with some things I have achieved and just some stuff that has happened to me. All positive though because who needs to dwell on the little bits of bad that have happened.
Some of this is quite personal and a bit soppy and wordy so feel free to just look at the pretty pictures (well I hope you find them pretty). I don't want it to seem boasty at all, that's not what I'm trying to do here, I'm honestly jsut so grateful for everything that has happened and so happy I've been around for this year to happen.
I started the year not very mentally well at all, underwent a couple of months therapy and honestly I've come out of it more at peace with myself and the world around me than I thought I could be in 2013. I've explored a lot of buddhism, read a lot of books and have just become more emotionally intelligent and aware. And no, not every day is rainbows and sunshine but in a year I've recovered more than I could have dreamed. This time last year I wasn't sure I'd still be alive this time this year but I made it and that's all I can ask for.

 I've done a lot a lot of yoga, which i have been practising for a couple of years now but I've improved a lot. I can't do much right not because I injured my hand in the summer and it's not quite right yet, but I still persevere. Yoga doesn't solve everything (which a few people seem to think it does) but it is pretty damn great.
In May I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding. She had a lovely day and everything was so beautiful! I've seen a lot more of my whole (very small) family this year which has been lovely. But the day definitely confirmed to me that I don't want a massive wedding, maybe not one at all. Though I do want flowers in my hair again sometime, it was so pretty.

Before the summer even started I got the opportunity (with Headstart) to do a Nucelar Physics course at Manchester University. Four days of physics and new people, sounds good to me, and it was. This photo was taken at the Jodrell Bank radio telescope which is an amazing place. It was such a surreal week but also a very interesting one, some lectures were just on point and others went right over my head but in the end I still wanted to do physics and scarily I've just applied to do Physics with Astrophysics at uni. Wish me luck with that.

My summer holidays were incredibly busy for many reasons, so I didn't get to blog much then but I did get to go to Italy and fall in love with the mountains. The dolomites were beautiful and not on my gap year I definitely have some more mountains I want to visit and take pictures of. I never wanted to leave because everything was kind of surreal.

Also this summer I went to Greenman, which was one of the chillest places I've ever been. The atmosphere was perfect and what's even better is that it's on my 18th Birthday in 2015, what a weekend that is going to be.
I discovered some new music, bought a some clothes and jewellery, danced a lot and saw a band I have loved for such a long time; daughter. It was a perfect weekend but I did need about 3 days in bed to recover, bit of a lightweigh when it comes to lack of sleep.

I've mentioned this among other things but I got to take so many pretty pictures! Including a whole lot of outfit photos. I feel like my photography and editing skills have gone waay up. Though there's still improvements to be made I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to use the stuff I do and take the pictures I do. And since getting a new phone I've been able to post to instagram more which means even mooore pictures. I've gone a bit mad on photogaphy.

Most importantly 2014 has been a year of self expression like I haven't really had. I've blogged lots, started sewing, started painting more, played more piano and I've even sung a little more. I don't think there's that much more I can add to all of that stuff in 2015 but I shall try.

Also last but certainly not least the people, I've remade and strengthened old friendships, made new ones, learned how to talk to people I didn't think I could, talked to people online and more. I'm grateful for every single one of them and all of you, my readers and followers, because you guys do help keep me going on this blog, and help give me opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.
I was going to add a picture or two of friends and stuff but I honestly can't find one perfect one. There are too many to add and I think I'll just make this post faceless.
I've probably missed out so many very little but very important things, though if I kept going on and on it would be very over the top. I hope you all have a very good new year and look back on 2014 happily, if not then there's always next year. See you in 2015

Thank you guys and thank you 2014!