Ok so the title might not make that much sense. I wanted to call this a slothy Christmas or something (because of my jumper) but I thought people might think I had sloths in this post and get seriously disappointed; and I'd never want to do that. And my "Christmas" outfit is a little alternative which most people see as a humbug sort of thing but I actually do really enjoy Christmas, so I'm saying nah to humbug... yeah,,, that.
Ignoring my lame title, hello. Sorry about the late post, I've been ill recently and the weather hasn't been the best so I haven't had the chance to get out and take or to edit photos. But it's only a day late and I'm actually doing very well in keeping up with my every 3 days thing... not that I've been doing it very long but it's going all right. 

Jumper - No Exceptions Made// Suspender leggings - Ebay// Boots - Kerol D// 

But my Christmas jumper, amazing right? It has a sloth on it! I was trying to chose between this and a Rudolph lama but the lama one was very very red which I don't wear often so I feel I made the right choice. Of course being me I couldn't just have a bog standard Christmas jumper.
When I was out taking these photos the wind was crazy, and a nice breeze to get your hair all wooshy is sometimes nice... no this was crazy, my eyes started watering like craazy at one point and I'm very impressed with the face I managed to get these pictures; though a few went hilariously wrong. Due to a few going very wrong I had to work on the editing a little differently than usually which actually turned out great, gotta turn things around sometimes. Wow, I get really cheesy sometimes.
Anyways I'm hoping your Christmas time so far is going well, I should have a post or two before Christmas day but it's safe to say I'm excited, all the eating and sleeping and stuff I can do; exciting stuff.
Thanks for reading!