These photos were actually taken a couple of weeks ago, you can tell because I actually had my coat off and wasn't freezing. Saying that the whether is up and down a bit, some days it's t shirt weather and other days it's three layers of fluff (well for me anyway because I am a lover of all things fluffy).
I wasn't too pleased with the pictures from this post, I have to admit, there was an annoying stream of light (which is why most of the photos are landscape) and people kept trying to watch me; which is very disconcerting. But I think I managed quite well with saving them on photoshop, my editing skills are definitely on the up.
You will be seeing a lot more of this coat in looks to come though, it is amaaazing, super fluffy and super warm (and it only cost me £22.50). And the top which you can wear over pretty much anything. And the harness; though I had a lot of difficulty trying to get it on at first.

Coat and Boots - Primark// Harness Twlight Siren// Lace top - Urban Outfitters//
I've actually finally gotten to putting a post schedule together which is exciting stuff. It's every 3 days at 8pm GMT and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with that (at the moment I have photos for the next 12 days lined up). I'm also hoping to do some other stuff with my blog, not just outfit posts. I'm going to do a few photoshop tutorials, which I mentioned in my last post, and some more of my general photography. Might also do some DIY if I get round to any, depends what happens.
It's scary to think it's only 3 weeks until the end of 2014, this year has been pretty great to me and I've come a long way since January; it's probably been the happiest year of my life and though it's sad it's nearly over I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.
Enough of the random soppiness though, I'm off to edit some more photos. Hope you enjoyed this post, the next one should be along on Wednesday at 8pm GMT so stay tuned
Thanks for reading!