Ok that's not a very good title, sorry. I'm just so happy happy happy that it's finally spring! It makes me smile so much that it's sunny and it's supposed to be lovely all week. I mean spring means exams are coming up but right now the sun is making that seem all right.
This is sort of a photo diary post, I was helping another group of friends film their media project and ended up just taking some random pictures. They don't really fit together that well but I thought it would be better than just cherry blossom. I also successfully made my first gif. which I'm really proud of.

As I said, a bit random, but I love taking pictures like this. I've never been a person for landscape photos and I'm quite bad at taking them so I just stick to the little things and little details, that sort of thing has always fascinated me. It's a shame I didn't have my macro lense with me though because I could've taken even more detailed shots...
I just wanted to post something different as I'd done like 5 outfit pictures in a row and wanted to mic things up a bit. Not sure what to post next though, I have a lipstick review that I want to do and an outfit post to edit that I can post, what do you guys think?
Thanks for reading, bring on spring :0