Title from White Noise - Disclosure, love that song and I'm getting more and more into Disclosure. These photos were taken yesterday and it had it's ups and downs. Went to the local cinema on the Pier with Nicole to watch Spirited Away, it's a really cute cinema and the building is so nice. It was so gross for so long and now people actually use it. A bird pooped on my face, which is supposed to be lucy, but didn't seem that way yesterday. I tried to take photos down the beach but it was just too windy (I don't think I'm ever gonna get the pictures on the spot on the beach I want), so we went to the park and it wasn't quite the right setting, but I think  I got some good pictures.

Writing my revision timetables today and I'ms tarting to revise for my AS exams tomorrow, my heart is set on Bristol and I am going to work so hard so get my AAB. Got super excited looking at the LGBTQ+ scene in Bristol, it just seems like the perfect place to me, no other universities I really love offer the course I want to do.

Shirt and Leggings - Topshop// Shoes - Schuch// Socks - TK Max//

A bit shoddy editing on my part, oops. It was late and I was tired and there were a lot of leaves on the ground I wanted to get rid of. I've been playing around more with editing recently though, doing something different with my pictures and trying to make them more as I want them.
Anyway, I should probably get to doing my Japanese course work and revision lists now, hope you're all having a good week, thanks for reading :)