Guess I'm calling myself a fairy in this post... I dunno what I was today, my mum called me a flying elf which I found quite entertaining. I apologise for the quality of the photos today, they're not the best photos I've ever posted but it was an experiment.  I wanted to take floating photos and I did! Next time I'll probably do them in a better location but today I only had my garden. I liked how they tuned out despite the backdrop and I really do want to try this again sometime.
 Yeah some of these photos are just plain weird, but that's me I guess.

Circlet - Handmade// Jumper - Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters// Skirt - H&M (old)// Dress - Unknown// Tights - Asda// Shoes - Dr Martens//
I love the photo despite the fact I am very out of focus, my shoddy dodging and burning akes it look magical and makes me look like I'm shining, which i really like. Very impressed with my handy work on the circlet, my next project will probably be a harness.
Also the lace detail under my skirt is actually a dress I wore underneath. The skirt on it's own looked a bit childish and very short.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my experimental photos c: