I thought I'd start my comeback with something a little different, I like my outfit posts and makeup reviews but I think I could add something more into this blog as I end up taking a lot of pictures for things. Plus flash is adorable and I want to keep him... unfortunately I don't think my sister would let me steal her cat. he came for Christmas and I really didn't take enough pictures of his cute little face. Buuut he might be coming to stay when my sister is on honeymoon so I can take a million more pictures then :D

 He's probably the laziest cat you'll ever meet, he spends almost all his time sleeping and never goes outside. That explains why he's such a chubby cat though.
 He's so docile too though, you can pet his belly or his pays and he won't even bat an eyelid and he's the fluffiest little thing.

 He loves belly rubs and when you do rub his belly he flexes his little paws too... it's too cute.
 Look at that fat fluffy belly!
His mouth always hangs slightly open and he always looks surprised. I really do miss having him here, should go visit my sister soon I mean of course I want to see her but who doesn't want to see that fluffy little face?

So this post was something a little different, I hope you enjoyed it and I'll probably be trying to do an outfit post soon (if the rain stops) and maybe some reviews. Until then :)