The reason this is sort of is because I can't do a proper one as my room is a really awkward shape (I live in the attic  and the lighting is awful in some places, so it's really just some of my awesome stuff in my room and cool things like my wardrobe and bed space.
 Let us start at the beginning, a good place to start and that is my stairs. Yeah my room has it's own set of stairs. The walls are a bit of a mess cause I used to be obsessed with sticking hipster pictures up and then I tore half down and haven't done much since. One side is like really hipster pictures and the other is geeky shizzle and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (euhguhksajh).

 Next is one of my 5 bookshelves (I like books) located in the alcove at the stop of my stairs, this contains all my sciency books. It's supposed to have 3 shelves but my dad hasn't made me any yet ¬_¬. The postcard with the guy holding a card is like my life motto 'Everything is connected in life, the point it to know it and understand it'. I bought it on a London Art trip in like Tate Modern or something because my friend said it reminded her of me.
 I should really take more care of my wig... but on one bit of my banister (very handy for hanging clothes and bags) I have my lovely pink wig, my Fionna hat (I cosplayed as Fionna last Halloween  and a bike helmet, uninteresting but I love my wig and it's pink so goes with my blog.
 I love these babies. I used to have a really ugly (sorry mum (she made it)) sofa and a broken table here but they took up a lot of room and it was really uneccessary so I got some beanbags and kept the pillows I had. In case you hadn't already noticed my room is very purple.

Next is a part of one of my bookshelves (like the last one before my bed) and I just chose this bookshelf becasue I thought it would interest you the most. With my anime DVDs and shizzle and my rather small collection of manga.
 This is my bed alchove, probably my favourite part of my room, sorry my bed is a bit of a mess. I have my lovelt IKEA CD rack. It makes me feel like I'm in a tent when I'm in bed, some people find it freaky that I can't see all the way around my room (I can only see straight ahead and like out my window) but it makes me feel all comfy and cosy.
 My second favourite part of my room is my wardrobe. it's also really annoying as by clothed are verticle in here not horizontal (I'll upload a picture of that if you want) I think my mum and sister bake the cover for it and it's there because of the shape of the room, it's just before the entrance to my bed but sort of like sideways (not very clear I know.
Just to end I thought I'd show you guys my favourite Teddys/plushies/whatever you want to call them. I got Totoro and Edamame from my boyfriend for Birthday/Christmas, I won Snorlax in a giveaway and I found Rosie in a charity shop (I was an amazing moment) so yeah.

If people actually want to see my room properly and want me to do a video then I will but I doubt anyone does. So yeah, sorry it's not that brilliant but I was procrastinating so yeah.