Welcome to The Sustainable Travel List, here you'll find travel companies from across the world who are helping people go on amazing adventures while also looking after local people and the environment

Tour Companies

G adventures

  • Price: ££-£££
  • Responsible travel with local people and charities at its heart.
  • It has countless programmes to help local people all over the world
  • Have I tried them? Yes!

Gecko Adventures

  • Price: ££-£££
  • 18-30 respnsible tours
  • Part of the intrepid foundation that is about giving back to local people
  • Have I tried them? Yes!

Tucan Travel

  • Price: ££-£££
  • Responsible and sustainable tours
  • Small group travel so that you can have a more personal experience of the country you are visiting

Bamba Experience

  • £
  • Started as a hop on hop off service it now offers independent tour experiences across the world.
  • Have I tried them? Yes

Volunteer with animals

Elephant Nature Park

  • Price: £
  • An elephant rescue centre based in Thailand, they have many projects in south east asia rehabilitating and caring for abused elephants
  • Have I tried them? Yes!

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre

  • Price: ££
  • A small rescue centre just outside of San Jose run by a woman with the biggest heart. Along with over 25 sloths they take care of monkeys, parrots, dogs, a goat, and more.
  • Have I tried them? Yes!


Peace Retreat Costa Rica

  • Price: ££
  • A small yoga retreat located near Playa Negra in the North West of Costa Rica
  • You can also volunteer here for free board
  • Have I tried them? Yes!
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