So Pretty Little Thing are having a competition to become a VIP Guest blogger and I thought why not enter. I've liked Pretty Little Thing for a while now and they've definitely improved their stocklist and website since I reviewed there products (here) a while ago. My challenge (which I set myself) was to create an outfit entirely from plt things. I was trying to go with something summer, and ultimately something I would really love to wear.
Trust me, it wasn't easy. I saw so many possibilites with what they had on the website but I managed to do this outfit for you guys.
All Items from Pretty Little Thing

So this isn't the best editing I've ever done, but I was in a rush and I still tried to make it more 'me'. The background photo is mine.
I just love the daisy trend this year so thought I'd incorporate them, the shoes and the sunglasses are two things I've been meaning to buy and that jacket is just really cute.

Hope you guys like this outfit, I should have another post up later today but for now thanks for reading.
Stick around for a really exciting post I have, some experimental photography I''ve been doing.
Thanks for reading.